COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

The Warwood Farmers Market is dedicated to the safety of our patrons and vendors.  In response to the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, state and local authorities have provided requirements for operation and guidance for safe business practices. The Warwood Farmers Market has adopted this manual pursuant to WV DHHR Emergency Rule 64CSR114 to ensure the safety of our vendors, volunteers, and patrons and provide a valuable service to the community.

Farmers markets are being viewed to have several benefits in this time:

  • Smaller Food Supply Chain (Source to Customer) providing fewer opportunities for contamination/spread
  • Open-air markets without recirculated air
  • Less contact with people than a big supermarket/grocery store
We have created this manual to follow throughout the market season while guidance is being given from our authorities. The need for changes will be communicated by the Farmers Market Board with updates to the document within. We will evaluate the need for these measures throughout the market season and will relax these policies as soon as it makes sense. If changes are to be made, our safety officer will communicate to the vendors prior to implementation and to our patrons through our social media.

Some of the current precautions include:

  • Hand sanitizer/handwashing stations
  • An appointed safety officer to observe and ensure safe practices
  • Signage to advise patrons of guidelines and recommendations
  • Online Pre-ordering options/Curbside pick-up
  • Face coverings/gloves for all vendors
  • Social distancing observed
  • Encouraged pre-packaging
  • Encouraged contactless payments
Our safety guide is available to the public, and we will assess the safety of our market every week and adjust accordingly.